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Our values

Committed to
constant improvement
Sustainable development

Our Group intends to be a benchmark in Europe and India for the manufacture of metal components in the area of ​​elevation and other sectors.

The main value we wish to promote through our policy and the one that makes us different is: Flexibility, in all its definitions:

– ready to adapt to change
– new market needs
– custom orders
– increased product range

Labour risk prevention

We acknowledge that the organization of health and safety is a priority commitment at all levels. In order to reach this goal we design an organisational system based on prevention and constant improvement.

We ensure compliance with legal requirements related to the safety and health.

Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks related to the safety and health of workers.

Organize and enhance the elements of training, awareness, communication and professional competence in preventive matters. Encourage the Safety and Health Committee as a body for the Consultation and Participation of Workers.


Our commitment is to meet both legal and regulation requirements with regard to service and product.

The “Human Resource”, our main asset. The management of our staff is based on engagement, participation and the continuous renewal of training systems.

Our goal is to maintain the highest quality standards as for product and service by investing in equipment, human resources and methodologies that are directed towards defect prevention.

We took an approach based on processes that are aimed at improving our results and management effectiveness.


We protect the environment by preventing pollution and assessing potential risks: Identify, characterize, evaluate and improve the potential environmental impact through its entire life cycle deriving from the environmental aspects that are related to business activities.

We intend to care for the environment by encouraging the good use of energy and natural resources as well as by reusing material and reducing waste, dumping and environmental impact.

We work with providers and clients that apply rules which embrace our environmental policy and our best practices..

Awareness and training of the EMESA staff so as to develop good environmental practice.

Encourage communication of environmental issues among the different areas of organisation and the parties involved with our activities.

The commitment

The management of EMESA undertakes the stated principles and pledges to:

• Publicize our targets, based on this policy at all levels in our organisation and ensure these targets are met.

• Provide all the necessary means for their achievement and thus guaranteeing success and sustainable development, focused on the parties involved.

• Ensure that all activities and aspects of EMESA are conducted in compliance with the current legal requirements, norms and regulations. Occasionally stricter rules may be applied.

• Constantly improve our company by means of a yearly management assessment which allows us to check, set goals and targets and meet and exceed the expectations of the parties involved.

Signed by:
David Guillén Martínez
Company Director