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Located in Epila, near Zaragoza. A strategic communications crossroads. With state of the art technology, both in engineering and design.

18.000m2 of production area out of a total 50.000 m2 surface. Using the latest and most suitable technology in steel sheet transformation. With manufacturing lines especially designed for the assembly of lift-cabins, frame for cabins and counterweight, and every type of accessories.

We offer our customers the possibility to make complete sets of accessories for each job or contract, either for new built lifts, or to upgrade in modernization jobs. The plant includes a large warehouse with the necessary elements to provide our customers transport-consolidated solutions.

Manufacturing Area

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology in punching, laser cutting, bending, welding and painting. Fully automated areas to guarantee Safety of our personnel,quality and delivery terms, with a high qualified and continuously trained team.

Independent assembly lines for the different families of products: cars, car frames and counterweight frames. Each line has been designed aiming to make the job easier to the operator and reach total quality.

Consolidating system is simple, using logical storage. All the supply chain is controlled with a barcode reading system using unique labels, aiming to avoid mistakes and ensuring the traceability during the complete process.

To make all of this possible, and always with the target of impulsing the continuous improvement and quality assurance, we use LEAN tools during the productive process (barcodes, SMED, ANDON, 5 S, one piece flow, KANBAN, …).

Packages are prepared with a packing list automatically generated by the system and are stored in order to the delivery date.

Engineering Area

Everything in EMESA is oriented to the mass customization, transforming in standard what for all others is special.

3D parametric design processes, linked to the production system, directly send to the factory the elements developed by the engineering department, eliminating the need for intermediate steps.

We strongly believe that the best service our customer deserve involves the development of solutions that will meet their specific needs.

ISO 9001

ISO 45001

ISO 14001

ISO 3834-2

Quality / Environment

EMESA works to make his ethical compromise the base of personal and collective trust.

The vision of the company is: ‚We want to be the elevation company favorite with value creation, innovation, flexibility and efficacy‘

This vision is supported in two values:

• Customer orientation.
EMESA works to understand our customers’ needs and expectations, trying to improve continuously their satisfaction and ties.EMESAS’s objective is to offer the best quality in products and services.

• Environmental respect.
Our commitment to environmental respect is one of our model tenets.

For all of this, EMESA has an Integrated Management System, applicable to Quality and Environment.

IT Area

We use our own ERP management software, designed and developed by our IT analyst team. This ERP supports all the Management System of our company, integrating the information fluxes between the different Departments.

The use of B2B communication, connecting our ERP with the ones of our customers, allows us to accelerate the bidirectional information interchange process without risk of mistakes.


– Steel, Stainless steel

– Skinplate, Aluminium

– Profiles

– Melamines, Laminated

– Wood

– Fasteners

– Machined parts


Laser cutting
• Sheet metal format: 3000 x 1500 mm
• Thickness:
– Steel S235JR (mild Steel): 25 mm
– Stainless Steel: 25 mm
– Aluminium: 25 mm
– Brass: 18 mm
– Copper: 12 mm

Punching & shearing
• Sheet metal format: 3000 x 1500 mm
• Thickness:
– Steel S235JR (mild Steel): 4 mm
– Stainless Steel: 2,5 mm

Manual welding
– MIG-MAG synergic equipment
– LASER welding equipment 2kw
– TIG welding equipment

Powder Coating installation
– Maximum dimensions: 3200 x 1800 x 700 mm
– Quality ISO standard 129441 – C5I-H (C5 industrial areas – durability more than 15 years)

Maximum capacity 170 Ton in 3000 mm length

MIG-MAG Robotic Welding
Robot transfer double table of 3200 mm

Clean room for the application of adhesives, with controlled temperature.

CNC for machining, drilling and cutting panels (honeycomb, wood…)

Spindle moulders for wood slotting and profile milling

Assembly lines product specific

Picking lines

Panel bending
Max bending lenght 3.100 mm
Thickness 3 mm



Camino del Sabinar, s/n
Pol. Industrial Valdemuel
50290 Épila (Zaragoza) España
Phone: (+34) 976 819191